• You promote your hair company.
  • You set your own prices.
  • Your customer makes a purchase with you.
  • You order the exact same items from our company at wholesale cost.
  • We send the hair to your customer

You keep the profits. IT’S THAT EASY!


There are three options. You can choose from monthly membership fee of £20 or a yearly membership of £220(saves £20) Plus our one time sign-up fee of £89 We also have the Lifetime membership £599 (This cancels the one time sign up fee). The membership fee allows us to drop-ship your bundles directly to your customers. Another advantage of our Dropship Membership is that; it is based on smaller quantity orders. You can order bundles individually or multiple if necessary. This is perfect for when your customers place smaller orders with you. They can be sent out individually.

We charge a fee because we also do all the (discrete) shipping for you. This gives you more time to focus on Marketing and Sales and less time on the shipping logistics. We will never divulge ourselves as your vendor to anyone including your customers. We do not put any of our company information on the packaging. Our shipping team also takes a photo of every order that is shipped so if there is a question about a missing item we can “roll back the tape” and see if this was the case. We will also add your branding (which you would have sent to us) to each individual bundle which can take additional time.


This is your company so you will name and call it what you like. No labels, No worries! We have a selection of designs that you may choose from to brand your products from website design to marketing products. You also have an option to send in your own branding labels for us to send to your customers. As for your prices, You will be responsible for initiating any sales and promotions. we are here to help with suggestions.


Our shipping fees will be calculated within the order you actually place with us. Remember you will need to charge your customers shipping fees as well to compensate you for the shipping fee you will place with us.


it is Global shipping!!! Once you purchase your customers’ order with us it will take 3-5 business days for them to receive their shipment depending on which part of country they live in the UK. The other part of Europe will/can take up to 3-7 business days . International order will take up to 3-10 working days and generally during sales. Please keep in mind we do not ship during holidays and weekends.